Differences between 4 and 5

Ι can not find any difference between 4 and 5 in the Apple TV 4 except iCloud synchronization

the list of changes can be found at https://firecore.com/releases.

I assume the list of differences will get longer as new version 5 releases arrive. For instance we have already been told that support for VIDEO_TS is well along the way to being ready for the 5.1 beta testers.

no substantial difference be worth re pay

I paid the full (non-subscription) price just for this :slight_smile:

*Added video and audio specs to pre-playback screen

I’m with aarfing on this one.

The addition of video and audio specs to the pre-playback screen is pure GOLD!

The fact that this is even a question shows how badly the v5 communication has been handled.

No, because people who can’t read are everywhere unfortunately.