Différence FREE/PRO version ?


what is the Différence FREE/PRO version ?


The App Store description for the free version tells you what additional functionality is in the Pro version.

You can get those features either by buying the Pro upgrade for the free version, or by buying the Pro version in the first place.

I’m not see différence on store …
With pro version there is watched/ not watched movie with (trakt.tv)

Last question, i have buy infuse pro for iPad … if i buy infuse pro for Tv os ? and if y buy another ATV4 i must buy 2 infuse pro ? or with only one it’s ok ?

Once payed you own it for all your ATV´s (of course it needs to have the same Account activated).

and différence for Pro free ?

As previously mentioned, the difference between the free and pro version is detail in the description of infuse on the App Store, near the end of the description …

  • Play even more video formats
  • Enjoy Dolby Digital Plus (AC3/E-AC3), DTS and DTS-HD surround sound
  • 2-way trakt sync of watched history and playback progress.

Note that although the trakt is syncing correctly, the watched status is not being displayed … This is expected to be fixed in a future release.

Il buy pro version Thérè is no watched history (sync whise trakt)

Watched State in version 4.1!
The free Version have no Trakt Login.