Difference between SMB and Plex/Emby server

Hello everybody.
I’m not sure whether to use direct sharing via SMB or via Plex/Emby server. Apart from being more practical and easier to change the artwork, what are the benefits of using Plex or Emby server instead of sharing directly via SMB from a Mac, for example?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

One of the advantages of not using an external media manager (such as Plex or Emby) is not needing to install, maintain, and manage an external media manager. Another is not needing to provide the server hardware and resources to keep that software constantly running in the background.

One of the disadvantages is vanilla Infuse cannot identify any of your media without a live connection to TMDB and cannot initially gather that information from any other service. Another is the AppleTV may randomly decide to delete Infuse’s metadata cache whenever you aren’t looking.