Difference between Infuse vs Infuse Pro

Hey guys recently bought apple 4K tv and downloaded infuse free.Added my shared folder but i was unable to play those files which asked me for subscription.Then i submitted monthly pro and lifetime says 44.99$ forever pro.There was also 15$ Infuse Pro on apple store whats the difference between these?

Monthly/annual subscription (ie pay this amount each month/year) … not sure what this is in $ at the moment, but I assume it is the subscription option you had bought.

44.99$ one off subscription payment, no end date.

Both of the above subscription covers upgrades to Infuse 6 and beyond (while you have a valid subscription). If your subscription ends then you lose the Pro features.

15$ Infuse 5 Pro does not include updates to Infuse 6 and beyond … it is only for Infuse 5.

When will Infuse 6 be released you might ask … nobody but Firecore know.

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