Difference between boxee and ATVflash?

Ok as far as interface I know that boxee provides it’s own interface as apposed to ATVflash which just uses the built in Apple TV Interface and just adds extra options and codecs but what I’m wondering is do I need both or just one of them? Is boxee JUST the interface and I still have to install all the codecs I want to use, and install the plugin to view cover art and descriptions of my media or does Boxee do this as well? What I"m looking to do is:

View Divx, Xvid, high def (mkv?), and ISO’s (images of DVD’s) as well as view cover art for my media. I also want to play these off of the network shares that I’m going to setup on my Mac Pro.

Does Boxee do this or do I also need ATVflash?

Thanks for any advice given.

You can install Boxee without using the aTV Flash software, you can find that online. aTV Flash is an easy to use piece of software that does the work of installing many AppleTV plugins that are freely available online, but can be a pain to install every single plugin manually. Plus aTV Flash adds a few scripts and extras that you can’t find elsewhere. Boxee is just a media player similar to XBMC but with a community aspect to it, i.e. suggestions from friends on what to watch or listen to.

ATV Flash does NOT install Boxee so you actually need to install Boxee yourself either way. Essentially, they are 2 different products which do 2 different things. Hopefully someday Boxee will be included with ATV Flash.