Did I do the right thing

Yesterday (not Friday the13th), I turned on infuse on my 2022 Apple TV 4K, and the movie I wanted to watch was missing from the collections. I went to my favourites to find it there, and the first 20 movies all had the same metadata. Went back to my collections and most of them disappeared. I assumed this was because the metadata was corrupted.
I went to settings and clicked on the option to clear all metadata.
This was at 1pm yesterday and most was fixed by evening. But today there are a lot of movies missing.
Did I do the correct thing or should I have done something different. This is taking forever to redo the metadata.

“Clear all Metadata” is kind of the nuclear option and not really the best choice for first response to a metadata issue.

Usually the first thing is to check under the settings > Library and see if Infuse has completed it fetching of info from the server and syncing to iCloud. If it’s still working then let it complete these and show a last completed date for both.

If it has then navigate to the pre-playback screen for one of the duplicates and do an edit metadata and then re-select the correct metadata. That should clear most things up.

If after doing this for a few of the bogus files doesn’t clear up the problem then the next step should probably be the “Scan for Changes” option on the Settings > Library page. Then let that complete and check to see if that helps.

The next step to try is to “Refresh Metadata” on that same settings page in the Library Settings.

Personally, I don’t ever want to “Clear All Metadata” unless every other option doesn’t help.

Where you’re at now the best thing is to let it finish rebuilding everything and see what you have then. If you still have problems post them and maybe we can figure out what’s going on. :wink:

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They’d better never make me President, because I can’t keep my fingers off that button

I grok most metadata problems usually sort themselves out if we just wait … but I’m impatient, naturally skeptic, a touch paranoid … and did I mention impatient?

With my systems working all sorts of wonky in the two weeks since I renamed all my files (per direct advice of @james) a couple weeks ago, last night I had no choice but to once more take not only the nuclear option, but the thermonuclear one … meaning … not just a “clear all metadata” but a full-on ten-finger-death-punch:

[1] Delink from iCloud Sync (all devices)
[2] Uncheck shared folders (all on all devices)
[3] Delete custom collections & playlists (all on all devices)
[4] Clear all metadata (all devices)
[5] Delete Infuse app (all Infused devices)
[6] Hard reboot (all Infused devices)
[7] Delete Infuse’s backed-up iCloud data
[8] Carefully start over (on only one device).
[9] Delink newly installed app from iCloud Sync (enabled by default :confused:)
[10] Delete Infuse’s backed-up iCloud data (again)

Have now once more reached the rebuilding step of identifying and fixing scraping errors (having reinstalled the app on one device, reconfigured my settings and homepage preferences on that device, and rebuilt the database on that device).

Once complete (and things are working as well as they possibly can be, and error reports are generated if they aren’t), only then will I re-establish the link with iCloud, allow a full sync to take place, and reinstall the apps on my other devices.

Strange in that even having so thoughtfully and thoroughly wiped all previous history of my Infuse interactions, I still encountered the same five titles locked into a “Use Embedded Metadata” mode on reimporting my library. :thinking: