Did apple send me an unreleased firmware by mistake or am I just crazy? [UPDATED] I was wrong

I was trying to jailbreak my apple tv earlier and after several failed attempts I restored it. iTunes asked me to update to the latest version and then downloaded a firmware. Seeing that I had no firmware bundles in my itunes library as of yet I thought this was completely normal. However I just looked at the firmware bundle version number and it's 4.2 not 4.1. Now a new firmware could be out there that I don't know about, but does anyone else think this is something I'm not supposed to have?


No, 4.2 is current, unfortunately the firecore guys have not written it in the docs.

sorry, should mention that it's not jailbroken yet, so no ATV flash.

Ok, it was just that i knew it didn't work with 4.1, but I hadn't even heard of 4.2 yet. But guess i was just out of the loop, thanks for the reply

It is a little confusing as there is some overlap in the version numbers. We're working to have a 4.1 compatible version of aTV Flash available soon.

For future reference:

ATV 4.0 = iOS 4.1

ATV 4.1 = iOS 4.2.1

Part of the confusion is that the ATV reports itself as 4.1 under the about screen when 4.2 firmware is used (also reports 4.0 when 4.1FW is used). Go figure.