Dharma Access

I have upgraded to version 4.15 and have XBMC installed. However, under the XBMC → Downloads menu there is no selection to download and install the nightlies or Dharma. I just shows the basic Launcher/Boxee/XBMC options. Is there a toggle I need to flip to see/activate the Dharma options?

You may try removing and reinstalling the XBMC/Boxee item through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu.


What should the option look like if I was updating to the Dharma package? When I click downloads all I see are XBMC option and two Boxee Options...?


Should there be one that says Dharma?

there should be one that is listed svn 33778 which is the  dharma beta 2 release.

you can also go directly to xbmc and download it manually and SSH or FTP it over to the ATV.