DFU mode

i have a black atv 2 trying to put on season pass on it but i cant get pass the getting the device to go into dfu mode. i follow the directions carefully. After i plug my atv in when it prompts me it does not blink rapidly as describe in the installion instructions it blinks once after it connect to the computer and it blinks rapidly after i hold the foward fast/play button down along with menu button for the 7 seconds and nothing . Need Help Please

Something similar happened to me, what kind of computer are you using? On my rMBP it wouldn’t blink rapidly using the USB port on the right side of the computer, had to use the left.


Also, once you do hold the buttons for the 7 seconds… You might have to wait for 10-30 seconds for anything to happen. 

Used laptop and two different desktops no change tried using different micro USB cables.

Try plugging the power cord in and following the same sequence.

Once you have the atv in DFU mode (and connected via micro usb) you can unplug it.