'Devs' tv series not scraping

Hey guys, I’ve searched but not been able to find an answer, i’ve followed all the standards that normally work and have not had any success

the ‘Devs’ tv series is not scraping into infuse pro Devs - TheTVDB.com, however Kodi picks it up perfectly

i’ve been using infuse pro for a couple of years now, have followed standard naming schema that works for everything else - but no luck

any ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It picked up right off the bat for me, I know you said you use the standard naming but could you provide a sample of how you have it named?

Also, does it give you any options when you do an Edit Metadata?

Edit to add: Metadata issues for tv shows slowness/not found please read

hey bullseye, thanks :slight_smile:

for sure no problem, i’ve used the full scene/release naming as well as Devs.s01e01 and Devs s01e01 and there is no option to manually select the series when choosing to edit the metadata - the series doesn’t show up when doing a manual edit metadata search

thanks for the link to the other post, i’ll keep an eye on things and see if it resolves itself

thanks bullseye, as per the other post, i’m just confirming that this is resolved - restart the atv, and combined with thetvdb tuning i can now find the series

Glad you’re back on the tracks again! Things at thetvdb seem to be calming down again too so maybe we’re good for a while. :wink:

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