Devices connected to 2G and 5G networks on same router

Is this a known issue? My Superhub router provides 2G and 5G networks. I usually have my AppleTV and tablet connected to 5G, but for some reason the other day, my iPad had connected to the 2G network. When I tried to AirPlay a movie (via a NAS) playback was interupted every minute or so (2GB 1080p MP4).

Would that be the reason for it? Seemed ok when both devices connected to 5G.

Actually, experiencing the same issue when both devices are connected to 5G. 

Tried AirPlaying the same file (another 2GB 1080p MP4) from my laptop (using the Beamer app) via my NAS and it works fine. Maybe my iPad 2 isn't up to the job any more? Could that be the problem?

Sorry to hear about your trouble.

I don't think it's related to the iPad 2 being too old, though it may play a small factor.

How is the network signal of the Apple TV and iPad?

The network signal is strong. Experienced the issue again this evening, and tried using Infuse on my iPhone 5S instead which worked fine. I’m convinced its something to do with the iPad. Going to restore it tonight and see if that helps.

Hmm. Tried a restore of the iPad 2 and it’s still freezing for a couple of seconds every minute or so. Same file works fine with an iPhone 5S and when I AirPlay it from my Macbook Pro.

Any ideas?

Ah. Think i’ve found the problem. I was trying to watch an MP4 which had multiple language tracks. When I re-encoded the the file as an M4V in Handbrake I deleted the 2 tracks I didn’t want and now it works OK.

Could that have been causing the problem?

Multiple audio tracks shouldn’t be an issue, but if it that same file works on an iPhone 5s it could be something strange in the file itself that was removed when converting it via Handbrake.

Would be nice to take a look at that file here, if you’re up for sending in a sample

Here’s a small segment.

Noticed that when I play it with Quicktime and on the iPad’s movie app, it plays two language tracks at once. I’m pretty sure the file is just messed up…