Device Not Supported?

I just bought the apple tv 2 5.0.2 (5.1.1 9B830) (confirmed this in settings>general>about) off my friend and am attempting to jailbreak it. I am using the same cable I used to jailbreak my old one, so I know it works. I have iTunes 7 installed (tried 10.6.3 as well). I have tried on mac osx and windows 7. The only thing that seems strange is the apple tv 2 cannot be put into dfu mode without the use of the power cable (no lights appear otherwise). I read that this is a no no, so I assume that it the problem.

I would be happy to upload my logs if someone explains where to upload them to, thanks in advance!  :)   (You might be able to get to them here:

I think it might actually be an ATV 3 The model number is md199ll/a. Is this correct?

Yes it is a apple tv3 (md199ll/a) No jailbreak for the atv3 yet