Device not supported error PLEASE HELP!

i tried jailbreaking my apple tv 2 and plugged both the usb and power cable in and launched the season pass.  I then clicked the create ipsw button and a message was displayed that said that my device was not supported. Is this a firmware issue with the device or a software issue with the application? If it is a firmware issue is there any way i can downgrade the firmware so i can be able to jailbreak? if not then is there just no way to jailbreak my specific apple tv?


What version of SeasonPass.  You should to be using the 0.9.3 (or later) release.


I tried that version as well and it still get this


Are you sure it is an ATV2 and not an ATV3 (I.e. 720p or 1080p) model.

I am also getting a similar error “Error entering DFU mode. This device is not supported by Seas0nPass. “  

I have an Apple tv 2 running 5.1 


I am getting the same thing.  I have and ATV 2 w/ firmware version 5.3, so I tried to right click and downgrade to 5.2 to jailbreak, but it keeps saying “my device is not supported”.  What do I do?


You need saved blobs for the version you are downgrading to, do you have 5.2 blobs saved for your device?

I don’t know where to get the blobs from. 

If you have them they will be on the cydia servers and automatically retrieved by SeasonPass as needed. However you do have to have previously taken actions to get them saved there. Without them saved you can only jailbreak to a release (currently 5.3) that is still being signed by Apple.

Hmmm.  So from now on, all previous versions will be saved?

The get saved when you do a jailbreak using SeasonPass, and also if you install ATV  Flash when you use the option to backup firmware signature.  The SeasonPass firmware signatures backup also seems to backup the signatures for any release that Apple is signing even if that is not the release you have installed.

I still feel like I should be able to do a tethered jailbreak because of what it says here  I’m not sure what the difference is, but when I click on tethered, it still says “device not supported”.




atv3 sorry no jb at this time

The simple telltale sign of it being an ATV3 is the mention of 1080p support - the ATV2 is limited to 720p.

Can anyone tell me if my Apple TV is 2 or 3 and if it can be ever be jailbroken? If Yes then How to do it? I can not save the signatures for this Apple TV and when I tried to jailbreak using Seas0nPass, it always rejected saying: Error entering DFU mode: This device is not supported by Seas0nPass.

Please help!!!


Thanks for the comments.


Rgds, Bren