Device Not Eligible

Hi Guys

Im having real trouble trying to jailbreak my Apple TV any help would be greatly appreciated. Firstly the device is 100% a 2nd generation Apple TV so I know that is not the issue. I have followed through the guides but when I get to the itunes screen for the restore to take place nothing happens except it displays where the ipsw file is stored. So from here I alt click on restore select the file that has been created by seasonpass and hit restore. The restore fails almost immediatley saying the device could not be restored because it is not eligable for the requested build (please see screenshot).

Im a fairly technical person and Ive tried alot of things recommended on various sites and on youtube but I cannot seem to get passed this and successfully jailbreak the device. Im on a Mac running Mountain Lion and have the latest version of iTunes installed and the Apple TV is running the latest version of iOS.

Does anyone have any advise? Id be so grateful if someone could help im tearing my hair out!!

Many Thanks



Hello again


Just tried using a different jailbreaking tool and got the following error if this helps? 


Is there a way round this?



You cannot use redsn0w to jailbreak the apple tv.

What iOS version are you trying to restore? Do you have any entries in your HOSTS file redirecting

Matt83:   just to check - what makes you so certain this is an ATV2 rather than an ATV3 (they are visually identical).    Reason I am asking is that’s the normal error message you get if you try and jailbreak an ATV3