device low on memory

Why Am I always getting this message with media player while streaming movies from my imac to apple tv?

I was just about to post the exact same question. It make the media player useless to me.


Bummed as I really thought this was gonna work.



I had the same problem last night, in the middle of a movie , the screen black and the sign get up!! Try to start but nothing works, no answers on the forum.

The same movie direct on the screen via iTunes and AppleTV2 was working out without problems,only had to Handbrake that movie for hours!!!

I find out that when you are watching media player, put down all progamma,s who are working on the background, do not downloading.Do not Toasting or

let other people working on your iMac. But I hated to interrupt while seeing a thriller!

i can’t even get it to load my time capsule wirelessly it keeps saying low memory any ideas 


Hey guys


I got this message the other day (with 5 minutes to go on Carlitos Way - a 2:45hr film - frustrating…) and I remembered seeing an option in the “Maintenance” > “Settings” menu to “Restart Lowtide”.  From what I gather, restarting Lowtide clears the memory and lets you restart the movie from where it left off.  I can’t say for sure, but since ATV2 is an iOS device, maybe other programs stay alive when you finish using them? like on iphone? 

Either way, clearing the memory worked for me.