"Device is running low on memory" error when playing any video

Anybody?  Just updated today as well. Uninstalled everythign except for Plex and this is the error I get.

Now I’m just getting Could not open dir (my directory), Reason: Permission denied.  Nothing has changed though from five minutes ago.  ??? Boooooo

For me…Plex works perfect but media server gives me the old low memory message

I was able to play an HD .mkv file. I stopped playback to play a different file and I immediately got a low memory error. It doesn’t look like the media player is clearing the buffers or something when playback is stopped. Anyhow, it does work better. SMB shares seem to stream better as well. 



Yup. Just like always for me. All my video clips are 720p in an mkv wrapper. That includes my home videos. They all stutter in media player and are quickly given “low memory” error. So disappointed.

What I really dont understand is, why is Firecore having so much trouble with their media player and yet xbmc plays back everything perfectly. Just look at the source files for xbmc and see how they are doing it. I’m not saying steal their code, just figure out why they don’t have any memory problems. What really confuses me is xbmc is an elaborate interface with different skins and high res graphics. Firecore’s media player is stripped down graphically and a very simple interface…which is the reason I want to use it so badly. so, why all the memory problems.

Also, none of my video clips are over 10 mbit/sec in bitrate.

Am I doing something wrong? Are others able to play hd video clips in media player? I stream video from an airport extreme hdd. I use afp and smb. I also stream from my iMac with afp and smb shares. Everything is connected with Ethernet cables through a 48 port Netgear high speed switch.

The core of Media Player is still under heavy development and will be greatly improved in the coming weeks.

Without going into too much detail, the lightweight player we have been working on is truly spectacular, and when available will provide a huge boost in performance.

Thanks James for the lowdown, I can hardly wait. I’m not having any problems with Media Player myself (most of my movies are SD avi files) but anything that will improve the performance on ATV2 is worthwhile. Even at this stage though Media Player has replaced XBMC or WiiMC as my preferred choice for viewing movies from shares.

Any word on this. Its almost been a month. I haven’t seen any upgrades show up in manage.

Just got to testing this feature set and this was one of the reasons I bought firecore was to be able play mkv files on my AppleTV in addition to the already availible functionality. Any word on this ?

Without a fix the ATV is practically unusable at the moment. Using media player gives me these low memory messages constantly!

Beta6 is still on track for release later this month.

Thank you for the update.

Do you have a timeline for releases posted somewhere ? 

You can keep an eye on our blog as all release announcements are posted there.