Developing Software For Apple Vs Android

One was used by the wife for a while, but the old remote annoyed her so she moved to the Shield. In the past we did watch some exclusive Apple content, but now that they have their app for Android they sit idle. I don’t sell them as not worth the effort for what I would get for them ad I keep hoping they will release lossless audio passthrough support. Infuse has a cleaner easier to use interface, and the appeal is hopefully to dump Kodi needing Emby. If Kodi did shared library support then I would be happy with dumping the ATV4K and doubling down on Shield. I also keep hoping nVidia would do a new Shield with more HP and more RAM.

ATV transmits everything lossless anyway, with the exception of Dolby Atmos.
And with Dolby Atmos, the topic is already so old and unpromising that it’s just pointless to hope for it.
And about everything else, you’d better write in the relevant forums, not here. This is firecore tech support, not Kodi/emby.
And all the difference between us. That I have had a powerful device for a long time, with the necessary amount of RAM, a convenient good infuse player. And I also listen to great sound, even in TrueHD, even DTS-HD in excellent quality. At least I watch streaming, even TV channels. And all this on one device :slight_smile:
And here I am absolutely not limited by anything and not infringed :slight_smile: If the ATV Nvidia Shield were in place, I wouldn’t get anything new in terms of sound, but I would lose the comfort and convenience of both infuse and tvos.

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The lounge area is to discuss other topics so here is my input.
I was a kodi user for years and then someone showed me infuse. Not a Apple customer, but I bought an Apple TV so I could use infuse. If anything they help sell Apple products.
Kodi is set in their ways and I moved on. If infuse is set in their ways also, then I move on when something better comes along,
If infuse doesn’t want to expand it’s their choice, but if they don’t someone else will. When that happens, I will then make my decision on which app to use.
In my opinion infuse is the top app at this time, but as we all have seen in the past, top apps change.
I will be an infuse customer as long as infuse keeps me happy, but I do keep an eye on all apps in case a better comes along.