Developing Software For Apple Vs Android

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Not a good idea. If you think about it, few people will actually pay for the service and the vast majority will download the cracked release with everything unlocked.


I’m not an Android user but this is a pure bigot approach. Not all Android users download for free the apps, I’d say, especially the ones with an advanced Audio/Video solution that cost thousands of dollars.

Also, there must be a way to lock down the app and anyways prevent cracking it. Never heard of DRMs?

Any application is subject to hacking. The content of trackers is a direct confirmation of this.

And we’re not talking about exceptions here. And about the majority.
Plus, the capabilities of Realtek/Mediatek/Amlogic/Tegra chips will not allow you to achieve that performance.

Infuse is a small team and Android is so fragmented on HDR/DV supported, let alone those weird manufacturer specific bug that will never be fixed especially on android TV.
And a shield only Infuse won’t make sense since most shield owners are contented with plex.
I don’t think Infuse will ever consider release Android version.


Understand, but they are leaving such a huge market unserved. Many of the Shield and Android owners did that becasue of lossless audio/video so that they can run Kodi and derivatives and until Apple supports passthrough audio my ATV4K sits idle 99.99% of the time.

Apple leaves money on the table by not support native audio formats in pass through as well as I am baffled that Steve Jobs was supposedly an Audiophile yet Apple has ignored the high-definition audio space. I will stay Shield and Pixel based until they support both then I will run toward Apple as quickly as they can implement both.

I can stream all my SACD/DVD-A and hi-rez music form my Shield and that keeps me locked to Android.

No one forces you to buy this or that device. People themselves go and buy what they want.
For example, I will never buy a Shield, because it has many disadvantages compared to Apple TV 4K. And it doesn’t matter to me that Shield or someone else knows how to output bitstream.
In addition, there are few people who have built a cinema hall in order to use the bitstream.
Also, Shield does not know how to play the DV 7 profile correctly.
In the rest, the Shield is able to 8.1 profile and bitstream. Otherwise, it’s much worse than Apple TV 4K with infuse.
Therefore, your conclusions are wrong.

I agreed, the Shield is far form prefect, but for many enthusiasts it is a great solution. Probably the only real streamer that can hold up so well as well as ATV4K over 3 years into it’s life cycle.

No less enthusiasts who consider Apple TV an ideal solution :slight_smile: Not only for streaming, but also for watching TV channels, files from a personal archive and other things.

Any atmos capable system will benefit over regular streams by having the additional atmos metadata. Doesn’t even require an amazing sound system. But most people wouldnt know how to listen for the difference

I agree. If you have an atmos system, then there will be a difference. But not everyone will be able to hear it. Too many conditions must be met for bitstream to be distinguished from PCM. And you also need to know what exactly you need to listen to in order to hear the differences.
In most cases, bitstream is an overkill.
Especially if you listen to it all on the soundbar.

Apparently, many people are using ATV (and then switch to shield) just for theater purposes. It’s like 5% of my usage of the ATV, and no amount of “better sound” could possibly make me switch. It’s a tiny piece of usage for us. Homekit, games, streaming services, music, photos, many many other apps we use on ATV. Some of them would run on shield, many of them will not. So, I suppose it depends how one is using a device. It would take an enormous effort for us to switch due to how many things we use the device for. With my fancy theater room, I have just a tiny issue worrying about bitstreaming. But everyone is different and has different wants / needs.

Kodi does pretty much the same job. I don’t know why someone hasn’t just ripped off the infuse skin and ported it to kodi.

My only gripe with kodi is their stupid back button handling.

I agree some people the ATV is fine. For me because I stream DSD, and hi-rez audio I need the shield. Kodi is the reason I wish Infuse would port tomShield/Android. Kodi goes through periods of problems especially with Emby integration. I have had to turn off auto-updates for both because Kodi will update and break Emby integration and code versa. If Kodi would support a shared library where my can resume from any box then I could dump Emby. I will say that ATV4K edges out the Shield in PQ, although the 2019 Shield is very close now, the 2017 Shield PQ was noticeably worse than the ATV. Audio is where the shield shines and if that is not your thing then ATV is great. I also am sick of the ads and data harvesting Android is doing and how no matter how many times I turnoff suggestions Google play turns it back on.

In other words, although Kodi has great features, it’s chaotic and clunky. Great audio, nothing more to write home about.

So, a possibile solution would be Infuse for Android and as said a couple of times already, Nvidia used to support with cash this type of projects.

@james have you ever got in touch with Nvidia?

I did not say klunky, I said some upgrades break Emby integration. Other than that it works fine. And I also own Infuse and have seen issues with it, no product is without issues. It comes down to what features matter most and for mean lossless audio is a deal breaker which is why both our ATV4Ks sit idle almost all the time.

In any case, since people are sitting and asking for infuse on other platforms, it means that everything is not so good with soft players from other companies.
Therefore, whether someone wants to or not, they always have to sacrifice something and make a choice of this or that device.
You have made a choice in favor of bitstream, another in favor of a convenient beautiful fast player.

And as for the sound. This is actually a very, very controversial point.
Firstly, the owners of audio systems from 2.0 to 7.1 are absolutely not limited by anything.
There is a restriction exclusively in use on Dolby Atmos systems. And this is just one of the possible listening options, which is not 100 percent better than the audio tracks in TrueHD, and in some ways worse.

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Kodu is too intimating for many and like I said has some kinks. There are more lossless audio options on Shield than ATV and for people that care about hat (like me) I will stick with Shield becasue I can stream native DSD files and other formats.

ATV users also render all audio formats in native form, except Atmos.
For owners of 2.0-7.1 systems, the Shield will not give anything new.

And there are two things that are not clear in your whole story: 1. If you are not satisfied with the ATV, and it is idle, why did you buy a second one and why don’t you get rid of them? 2. Then why are you sitting here?

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