Developer stole Infuse app and is selling it on App Store

An iOS app in the App Store is infringing copyright. Lumi Player is a
near exact clone of Infuse and the developer is charging a recurring
subscription for it. They even went as far as copying the entire ToS word
for word and inserting their app title and developer name throughout the
document in place. They did not however remove the references to Denver or
Colorado and that serves as irrefutable evidence. The following section
returns only two results when using “” tags for an exact search:

“These Terms shall be governed by, and interpreted and enforced in
accordance with, the laws in the State of Colorado and the laws of of the
United States, as applicable.“

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Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an app has been ‘inspired’ by Infuse. :frowning:

We report these to Apple, but sometimes the apps are different enough for Apple not to care.

On the plus side, these apps usually see very few downloads, and fade away into irrelevance before too long.

PS - I removed your links, to avoid driving any traffic to them.

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