Detect local Trailer inside movie folder

It would be nice if Infuse can detect and show trailer that have been already downloaded into the movie folder


Hi James,

1°) Can you add nationality (see my picture) ?. For example, I have put < nationality >U.S.A< /nationality > into XML file.

At this time, because you don’t write nationalty, I have put into ‘genre’ like this : < genres >< genre primary=“true” >U.S.A. Science fiction< /genre >< genre >Drame< /genre >< /genres >. It’s readable but not a good job …

It’s really very annoying at the moment not to know if it is an American movie, French, Chinese or other … and it’s the same thing on my Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

2°) Can you add button ‘Trailer’ (or ‘Bande Annonce’ in french) to play ‘Trailer’ ? Only if file xxx-trailer.yyy is present into the folder ?

For exemple, I have the trailer like this :

Thank you James, Patrick

I’m not sure about this Nationality tag for XML, but I support your Trailers suggestion 100% :wink:

UP … 4 years later, no trailer, no country …

You can add a like to trailers here:


Contrary to what you may think, it’s not easy to get a trailer from YouTube … that’s why my request concerns a trailer that I will have put in the movie folder.

What I’m asking is relatively simple … is that if a Trailer file is present, add a “Play Trailer” icon, it is not very complicated to do!

Please James … can you do this ?

We’re trying to have one suggestion per thread so that when people add their support for that feature by liking the first post it’s manageable to see what features (individual threads) garner the greatest interest.

If you want to have trailers available then you can add your support by liking the first post in the thread that munpip214 linked to above.

will it support local trailer files?


Not at this time but I moved your post to a suggestion thread requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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