Detect local .NFO metadata instead of TVDB

It would be great if infuse would be able to detect local .nfo files I came from KODI and all my TV libarary has its .nfo files had a terrible headache when tvdb was down wouldn’t have made any issue if infuse was able to read local .nfo files attached a sample for the tv show and an episode

attached png (screenshot) files of the NFO files for illustration


I’ve also been trying to setup .nfo and local posters for TV series, as some series are not series arent in thetvdb correctly.

This is not supported at this time.

Moving to suggestions for now. Thanks.

Strong agree here. The .NFO files allow for much fine-grained control over my library and the ability to use another data source than TVDB.

Just write in this post to show +1000 to this suggestion. We wouldn’t have any miss identification anymore.

So you had this feature and removed it? How come when I go to ‘edit’ metadata, if I have a local .nfo file I can choose it? (I haven’t gotten it to parse but I am not starting from a known working nfo file, just trying to get them to work from scratch. So I don’t know if it “works” but infuse certainly detects and allows me to select it.)

this definitely works as i’ve just been thoroughly testing it

This would be great to have since my Emby server automatically adds a .nfo file and artwork to a title’s folder when it gets added and edited. Having everything reading the same metadata and art would make customizing it very nice.

Also, Infuse should really use the video file’s date for what’s new instead of the folder date. It gets annoying to have a “recently added” title when it hasn’t actually been added but the artwork or metadata have been updated.

Im not seeing this to be the case. I posted another thread on it yesterday. I have all the files in the format that are correct according to Metdata 101. Infuse seems to be able to read nfo files for movies, but it doesnt seem to read tvshow.nfo or season.nfo files and as a result, tv shows (even when named and structured correctly) dont appear to be ‘understood’ as TV shows at all and they all show up in ‘Other’

I don’t believe ( I could be very wrong though) that Infuse can currently use nfo files for TV shows. That’s why the part of the Metadata 101 page referring to nfo files is only in the part about movies.

Also @james states above that nfo is not available at this time in this case and was the reason for moving this thread to suggestions to determine interest in this.

Perhaps I was misreading it then. Or worse. Reading what I wanted to see LOL. That’s a shame. It’s a gorgeous UI. Not being able to read the metadata on disk is a deal breaker for me. Need it to so that the same content inc metadata can use used across Kodi and Infuse.

Is this still not supported? It would explain why I’m having an absolute ball ache with a TV series that was broadcast as 3 x 90 minute episodes and the release version is 6 x 45 minute episodes. Infuse puts these into other and ungrouped as TVDB have these listed as 3 episodes. TVDBs response is to edit the .nfo which judging by this thread isn’t going to work. I’m guessing Infuse must read .nfo files from TVDB though as I have a program that pulls the files from TVDB/TMDB and they use .nfo to hold the information. It’s just not able to look at local .nfo files. To be honest, I’m not having much luck with TV series as even the correct episode counts per season are split out separately in other unless I turn fetch metadata on. Local .nfo reading is a must have feature and I can’t really fathom why it hadn’t been put in place already when like I say, it must have to interpret them anyway from TVDB/TMDB.

One option would be two just merge the two individual parts into a single file. If they are mkv then you can use mkvtoolnix to merge these together.

Thanks for the response and yeah, I have looked at doing this with that exact tool you’ve mentioned but I also need to then edit the end credits off of the first clip and then join the second without ideally re-encoding. I had parked it for now as there seems to be a difference in height ratios between the clips so they can’t be joined yet. I’ll re-rip when I have the time.

This was just an example of something that could be rectified more easily if Infuse could read local .nfo files.