Detect Changes to Poster Art and Update Automatically

Unless I’m missing a way to do this in the current software, I would love it if Infuse could detect when Poster Art has been updated, ideally during a Scan for Changes in the library, and refresh the Poster art automatically.

I sometimes go in and change the default folder.jpg in my collection to something I like better, or, right now, I’m adding a “4K” icon to all of my MKV titles that I’ve upgraded to 4K. I replace the default folder.jpg, but Infuse does not detect that change, even after Scanning for Changes.

I’ve found that if I manually go into Edit Metadata for each title and then just return right back to the previous screen, that’s enough to trigger Infuse to update the Poster art. I’m just hoping there would be a way for this to happen automatically.

While it’s not a big deal to manually update a single Poster on occasion, I have two Apple TV 4Ks, a few iPads, and an iPhone that I use with Infuse Pro, and all of the titles have to be updated manually to reflect any updated Posters—that’s where it turns into a chore, especially right now as I’m updating the artwork on 200+ titles. iCloud syncing of this data would make sense, too.

If there IS a way to do this with the current software that I’m missing, please let me know.


Ill check to see if the same thing happens to me, but I was able to change from an “online” fetch to a local poster last night without doing anything manually. When the grouping of where the title was, it picked up the new poster art.

I just tested this, using poster.jpg and infuse pretty much immediately picked it up. I didn’t have to edit metadata or open the item up.

What device are you using Infuse on? An Apple TV? iPhone or iPad?

Does it automatically update the Poster art for you across all those devices?

I received a reply from Firecore support stating that Infuse, for performance reasons, purposely does not look for new Poster art for any titles that already have cached art. That explains why I’ve had to go in to Edit Metadata to force it to trigger a reload.

For larger collections of updated Poster art, I was advised to use the “Clear All Metadata” function in Settings and let Infuse redownload everything. That doesn’t seem very efficient either, so I’m still hoping for a more elegant solution that works automatically across all devices, potentially through iCloud syncing. (i.e. if I update art on the Apple TV, it would automatically trigger the same update the next time I launch Infuse on my iPhone and iPad.)

I use an ATV4K, IPhone 7+ and an IPAD (2017 non pro). It automatically updated the poster art during the automatic “refresh” on my IPhone and the new poster art is available on my ATV4K… The movies I added a jpeg for had already picked up poster art via online scan, but that poster was replaced with the local version. I do have iCloud sync on as well, which may have helped things along. My cover art refreshed on the “wall” screen, there was no need for me to go into the movie and refresh it.

I would almost agree with Infuse if you are trying to update 200 movies at once. It would probably be more efficient to just rescan everything. For me I was only updating ~20 or so titles (out of about 1K movies) as they were extended vs theatrical and I wanted a way to tell the difference before looking at file names. I am also updating cover art with my UHD movies to show the UHDBR cover art.