Despite titling, movies sometimes default to wrong title

So, more often than not, I will title a file with the exact title and year of production as shown on TheMovieDB. But what ends up happening is that the metadata will port in the wrong movie—and sometimes the default movie brings up the wrong year! Not sure how to stop this from happening. I’ve attached a screenshot of an example. Is the problem in this screen shot that I neglected to include a comma? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Year in brackets is advised so…
Mirror Mirror (2022)

Failing that as your files are mp4 it could be bad embedded metadata in the file itself.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

Not exactly… You both missed the essentialness of the comma:

That said, this does sometimes happen, and it frustrates me to no end. Mostly perfect title matches with TMDB release year as mentioned above do the trick … but sometimes, especially with films or TV with short, one-word titles, your desired title will still be hijacked by a “more popular” film. One remedy when you can’t name the file any better is to search the list of alternate titles and see if one of those can be utilized.

I’ll check by running the search on the website (as shown above) … on the web (only), preface the year with " y:" (and don’t use parentheses).

^Okay, I missed that (oh, the irony!! :man_facepalming:t3:) first time around. But the answer in this case, surprisingly, is yes.

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