Description for Infuse 3 "update/upgrade" is more than a bit confusing to this former Pro IAP purchaser.


In order to make sure my post is not misinterpreted, let me begin by stating that I am absolutely not one of those people who think that once you buy an app you should be given free updates until the end of time. Developers work hard to make great apps, and should be properly compensated for their time. If a developer creates an update to an app and wants to charge for it, that is absolutely their prerogative.

However, and here is where I have a problem with the Infuse 3 upgrade, I also strongly believe that customers should be adequate informed so that customers can intelligently decide whether or not to update. For example, I am still using Microsoft Office 2007, simply because nothing offered in the more recent versions has been of any interest to me.

Here, I purchased the Infuse 2 IAP for $7.99 so that I could have Infuse Pro. This morning I saw the “update” to Infuse 3. There was nothing within the update description that explicitly said that former Pro users had to pay again to get Infuse 3 Pro. It does say that Infuse 3 Pro is substantially discounted, but it does not say that former Pro users have to pay. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that it is substantially discounted for NEW users in an effort to bring in more customers. That is the way I read it, and I would venture to guess that many other people read it the same way.

As a result, I went ahead and updated to Infuse 3, only to learn that I’m expected to pay another $3 to upgrade to Infuse 3 Pro. Is $3 a lot of money? Of course not. But, as with my Microsoft Office example above, there is nothing in Infuse 3 that I’m particularly interested in using. I do not need or want DTS audio, and I don’t really have a need or desire to use my own folder artwork. Therefore, had I know in advance about the $3 upgrade fee, I would have been more than happy to stick with Infuse 2 Pro.

Now that I have upgraded, it is very difficult to revert back to Infuse 2. I may be able to dig the installer file out of the recycle bin on my laptop, but then I’d have to go through the hassle of putting all my videos back, etc.

Anyway, I’m not really sure there’s a solution to all this, but I just wanted to voice my frustration.

Sorry for the confusion.

In no way by updating to Infuse 3 are you losing any of your existing Pro features. Everything will work as it did before, only with a much better app that supports iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 and 6+ devices.

There may be some confusion around the Infuse Pro status in the sidebar, which now only shows ‘Pro’ if you have updated to the new (Infuse 3) Pro. There wasn’t really a good way to handle this and keep a simple UI, so we made a judgement call to use the implementation you see in the app today.

In this version, the new Infuse Pro adds support for DTS audio. We would have loved to make this available at no cost for all existing Pro users, but licenses are expensive and it just wouldn’t have been possible for us to do. Future versions will also add other Infuse 3 Pro only features.

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.

Can you just clarify that the upgrade is only for the DTS Audio?

Just posted a quick FAQs that outlines this a bit more clearly.

Thank you for the clarification.

So, just to be clear, are you saying that even though I no longer see “Pro” in the sidebar, that everything I previously paid for in Infuse 2 Pro will continue to work as it did before in Infuse 3? In other words, my particular copy of Infuse 3 is not identical to the free version of Infuse 3, because I essentially have the Infuse 2 Pro features built-in?

Also, I suppose that means that if I ever delete Infuse 3 from my device and re-install it, there’s no way to get back the old Infuse 2 Pro features?

That’s correct.

The way to confirm this is to simply tap the ‘Upgrade to Infuse Pro’ button. If you see a thank you message with a discounted price, that means you existing Pro feature are intact.

Should you remove the app and reinstall (or add a new device) the v2 Pro feature will be restored automatically.

Really? That’s awesome. I didn’t think that was possible on iOS. Great to know!

Anyway, thanks for the clarifications on all these issues!! Very happy to know my v2 Pro features are still there.