Denon AVR-X4300H Pass Through

Does this receiver do real passthrough with Infuse or is it PCM just like my Sony receiver?

Infuse supports both, and more details on the available options can be found here.

Thanks for your reply James. I am aware of the Passthrough and PCM function. I know how it works. Unfortunally i have a Sony STR-DN2010 which doesn’t support the “real” passthrough function where i get the correct audio info on the receiver. A lot of Denon’s also had this problem but it seems solved in ther latest firmware upgrade Denon did.

Now i want (maybe) to upgrade to a Atmos receiver and the AVR-X4300H is a receiver which is high on my wishlist.

My question was if that receiver does display correct the audio format or does it also only plays the PCm function.

I can’t speak for the 4300 since we haven’t tested it here. Though, IIRC the 4000 and up model Denon models are made in Japan, and the lower-end models are made in China. In the past the country of origin did seem to make a difference, as only the China made units had issues with passthrough.

If you have a bit of time, you can peruse through this monster thread for some anecdotal info. Dolby/DTS Passthrough