As there has been a great deal of silence from your part it is absolutely imperitive that you finally give your customers who have paid and supported your product a detailed update on what is going on with what effort and a status of where you are with development of your software for the 3rd Gen.

Without a product you don’t have a business and now, with the advent of 2nd gen being taken off the market, unless you cough up a new version, your software is obsolete… regardless of your software updates for 2nd gen.

Prevailing silence only shows your ignorance towards your full existing customer base and certainly a strong note that you should not be looking for any new customers.

It’s likely also that if this is the case that all the technology media outlets and reporters should be reporting that your software development is “dead” and we should be looking for a new developer with the comment that you have alienated your customer base and cut and run with the investments for those that purchased a “lifetime” update.

Accountability is now the order of the day… 






What new developer Einstein?


Fuck this is some funny shit!

First off… Get out of your mothers basement and make a mental note that playing halo is not a career path that will pay off.  To note - It’s absolutely astonishing to look at your profile and how many posts you’ve made that amount to nothing but spouting criticism in areas where people are looking for help.  God, what a waste of a life.

Secondly… School yourself in how many people have been able to install xbmc and other media players without ever purchasing software.  We rely on FC polish and product because it rises to the top and perhaps it’s fair to say they are the most well known developers for augmenting the ATV.  FC has had the same question asked time and time again from a support standpoint about updates and configuration issues.  In MANY cases I see a lot of people without answers these days.

Additionally, though they do not develop the initial jailbreak themselves in most cases (which they certainly have the funds to explore) the least they owe is a development update.

Also… Count how many posts that are asking for feedback on 3rd gen update…

Finally, get a little educated “Einstein” on media server developers and how many of them drop the ball. When there is no answer given to many customers asking the same question then there is an issue with the developer ignoring their customer base.

What me and many others have requested is a real update. ATV  being a great product that people have consistently paid for and supported does deserve a response to the user base on when they can expect a new build for a 3rd gen device…

Not a “we’re working on it”… DEMAND is a strong word but PLEASE or HELP doesn’t seem to work.  Just as “Silence” has an effect on people to stir them up when they need help, so does the word “DEMAND” show that people are wondering where the hell their investment in FC went and do the customers need to look to other solutions.

Oh… Btw… Good English :slight_smile:  and your voice is simply uneducated white noise… LOL.

What an arrogant, ill-informed post.

I hope that fireCore admin do as they should: ignore (or delete) your post.

Now as they say in the business world, “F*ck off and find another product”.


You pretend to know me but you don’t

Load your XBMC on whatever OS or idevice you prefer and shut the fuck up.

Most people reading this thread thinks you are a complete moron anyways regardless how they perceive me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep posting and keep proving it.

@Motionstorm: Step back for a minute, take a breath, then read this.

It’s not that FireCore is being silent, there just really isn’t any new news to report.

FireCore doesn’t create jailbreaks, they package them. Their developers don’t do that side of things, so your comments about looking for a new developer are moot.

To date, no jailbreak exists for ATV3. You paid for lifetime updates for ATVFlash, which supports every version that you can jailbreak. You did not pay for the jailbreak, you paid for ATVFlash. They are not the same thing.

Jailbreaking devices is HARD. You can count the number of people on one hand that have done it. You can’t just throw money at it and expect it to happen, software development doesn’t work like that.

No company “owes” you for updates regarding their products. Some offer them, most don’t unless they want to hype a new version. Think about it, when the last time you heard about a companies product roadmap that wasn’t Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

We all want a JB and a new version. I have no doubt it will happen eventually, but making idle threats will not make it happen any sooner. You are expecting a lot from a company that you paid less then $100 to, and by your joined date you’ve been receiving updates for over 2 years.

Oh… Btw… Good English :slight_smile: and your voice is simply uneducated white noise… LOL.
If you want to be taken seriously don’t play the name game, and if you’re going to make fun of someones grammar you may want to use it correctly yourself.


Yup if he would have read my posts like he said he would of read that!


When it comes down to jail breaking the main stream iDevices get precedence, iPhones and iPads. It just so happens that it works with iPods and ATV 2’s. The iPad 3 was launched the same time as the ATV 3 and unfortunatley the current jailbreak methods did not work for the ATV 3 in this case. For as little the ATV 3 market is the JB community is not not concerned with it, their focus is now on iOS 6 and then next will be the iPhone 5!


If we see the ATV 3 jailbroken this year we will be lucky.  ;) 

Most of the statements above are valid, but since this thread is getting a bit inflammatory I’ll chime in with a few thoughts.

While we’re not directly involved in the jailbreak development for the ATV3, work is definitely in progress. However, due to the nature of the work it’s very difficult to give any kind of ETA. Unlike normal app development which will generally see steady, consistent progress day to day, jailbreak development is very specialized and when progress does comes, it tends to come in waves as various breakthroughs are made.

We’re hopeful it will get done at some point, it’s just difficult to say how soon it will be.