Deleting only tv show without deleting containing folder

Love the new library view. I enjoy only seeing those shows that hav tv show in them. I like to delete shows as I watch and this is a problem in previous versions and in library view. Whenever I delete the only show in a folder the folder deletes as well. Causes havoc in Sickbeard as the folder is needed for fetching future episodes. Is there, or can we have an option to delete the show without deleting the containing folder? Thanks

If you’re using Library View, it will only show series/season “folders” for those that have shows inside.

E.G. If I delete the last episode from Lost Season 1 (and I have no other seasons of Lost in my library) both the Season 1 and main Lost folders will be hidden.

Deleting a show will not affect your folders (on whatever device your streaming from) as Library View uses a database to organize the files and not actual folders.

Hope this helps.

I confirm that, when browsing files and folders, if you have only one file in a folder, you delete the folder.

In this case, you do not see the folder but instead the file replaces the folder in the view.

When deleting, you delete the folder and the file.

It seems to be a bug, as we cannot choose to delete one or another.

I sent a bug report just after doing that.