Deleting last file in folder doesn't delete (all) parent folders


Thank you for the wonderful update!

I am using the following file structure on my NAS (Synology):

tv > series_name > Season x> seriesname.S0xE0n.mkv

All deletes of the videofiles in question work perfectly. However, when I delete the last videofile in the season folder, it deletes the season (parent) folder, but not the grand-parent folder (series_name).

I understand this would be perfectly reasonable behaviour when there are more subfolders (other seasons) in the grand-parent folder (series_name). Still, it would be nice if, in case there aren’t any other subfolders or files in the grand-parent folder, the grand-parent folder would be deleted as well.

Currently I have to remove the folder manually in order to get rid of the empty folder on my screen.

I prefer keeping the main folder and wait for next season, so please FireCore…do not do anything about this :wink:

Hiding empty folders might be an option too.

Accidently, the folders on my NAS are created whenever a corresponding video file is moved to it.