Deleting from infuse stopped working

I am used to deleting shows, movies when I am finished with them by long pressing ok and pressing delete.

This stopped working recently. I am seeing errors on both smb and nfs. No clear understanding on what has changed.

I’d first check the File Management settings in Infuse and make sure their on. Next I’d check the permissions for the user you have set up for Infuse to log into the server, it could be the write permissions have been changed some how or may be different for different directories.

File management - on.

This happens on both NFS and SMB. I checked, both have Read/Write enabled and I have not changed rights recently.

The only thing that has changed is that the hierarchy of files is deeper now - I keep series in a new structure:

Share\Series name\season X\episode

In the past, it was much flatter.

Update, it is the directory structure. If I flatten it out, no errors.

found the problem, nothing to do with infuse.

can you close the topic?

If you could share what was causing the problem it may help other users who encounter this issue in the future. :wink:

I use “Sonarr” and apparently, it has settings to set security on folders and files to read/only on guest…


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