Deleting FROM AppleTV Interface

Hello, just found Infuse, already bought PRO.

I’ve noticed that I cannot Delete an episode/file from the Apple TV. I click the option, the pop up disappears for a few seconds, and then an error appears. It doesn’t lock up or anything.

Here’s the setup: One Apple TV running Infuse. One Mac using Catalina, with a specific user account just for storing media/accessing media. The user and folder have read/write permissions.

Videos play great! All other functions that I can see are fine.


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What does the error say?

After selecting delete from the first screen that window disappears returns back to the menu with all the episodes and then the second screen pops up.

Just a random thought, could you do a get info on the file itself and make sure it isn’t locked? Also maybe just double check that the folder that contains that specific file also shows the read/write permissions for the user under the get info on that folder?

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That was it!

Okay, so…

I’m hesitant to allow outside software to log into my Admin account on my Mac…

Would you: A) Create a Infuse specific User on the Mac and give it permission to my normal account, with one specific folder? or B) Create an Infuse User on the MAC, and link it’s folder for media to the Admin account?

Was it a locked file or the folder didn’t have privs for the user?

When I was using a Mac as an Infuse share first I created a “Media” folder" on that Mac and then I created a user on the Mac called Infuse and only gave it read/write on the “Media” folder that held the movies and tv shows I wanted to share. That kept the rest of my drives and content private.

Glad you got it figured out! :+1:

Edit to add: I’ve since then gone the NAS route with a Synology to give a bit more flexability and take the wear and tear off the Mac.

Yeah I do have a Synology Nas. That may be the next option especially since with proper permissions infuse will actually do deleting. Previous things I was using to watch downloaded content couldn’t do the delete. I suppose I could download things directly to the Nas.

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