Deleting folders

First off I love this application. Dumped in 60 gigs of movies and not a problem in sight even with subtitles.

I wish there was a better way of managing files from iTunes but it works.

My problem is that I dragged a folder of episodes and subtitles for a show, from my desktop to iTunes into the “infuse application settings section”. I wanted to delete the folder with everything in it as the metadata was wrong and I had to change the file names. I could not figure out how to do this, so I swiped to delete each of the episodes on the iPhone from infuse. However the folder is still there when I look at infuse on iTunes … my guess is because the subtitle files are still there.

I simply want to know how to delete the folder itself now?

Is there a list of differences between PRO and Free somewhere on the forums? I will probably end up buying it anyway but I was just curious. Again I love this application. Makes having an iPhone that gives me access to nothing, file wise, a little more worth it.

Same problem for me. Any answers? My folder is actually empty (both the movie and srt files were deleted), but there seems no way of deleting the empty folder from itunes.