Deleting folders bug

Hi, I found out about this after I deleted the file from infuse and lost folder full of documents because there was the last (only!) video file in it but also many other files not detected by infuse. Not cool. I suggest forbidding deletion of folder after deleting a file under any circumstances unless Infuse is certain the folder is truly empty (no files in it whatsoever).

Hmm, Infuse should only be deleting totally empty folders.

Are you able to replicate this by deleting a video that is in a folder with a dummy text (or similar) file?

What type of connection are you using (SMB, NFS, etc…)?

Oh yes, I can reproduce this. I have just deleted a video file on iPad with infuse connected to my local network over SMB and watched on my computer how folder containing that video file and two .txt files disappeared.

I put another video file in a single video file folder while I was inside that folder in Infuse and when I deleted a file the other video file also disappeared together with folder. This obviously happened because Infuse didn’t catch the change. So maybe Infuse would have to check (scan) again for changes before confirming deletion.

Also I think it is much safer that Infuse don’t have permission to delete folders. Let just Infuse ignores empty folders/folders with files infuse can’t make use of. Infuse is a video player primarily and should avoid to make unnecessary damage while trying to act like file manager. I think deletion feature is great, just make it safer. It’s easy to clean up the mess of residual folders on a computer if one wants after all.

Did you try letting Infuse complete a scan before you delete files? That would be closer to a real world test than to just drop an additional video into the folder and immediately delete the video known to Infuse.

Also I think it is much safer that Infuse don’t have permission to delete folders. Let just Infuse ignores empty folders/folders with files infuse can’t make use of. Infuse is a video player primarily and should avoid to make unnecessary damage while trying to act like file manager. I think deletion feature is great, just make it safer. It’s easy to clean up the mess of residual folders on a computer if one wants after all.

Lots of people have previously complained that infuse was NOT deleting empty folders!

The correct answer has to be to sort out why it is deleting folders when they are not empty and fixing that.

Well, there you have it, Infuse is deleting the folders while ignoring files in it. The correct answer would be test before you release. I’m not programmer but even I would consider this kind of possibility and it seems to me that these kind of bugs in this specific environment would probably be unforgivable on any computer science university’s basic level course. So don’t give me cheap excuses like what “many” people voted for their convenience while safety of my personal data is at stake.

I know. Of course, I am aware that Infuse didn’t catch with updated files before I clicked delete. But that was my point, I want to use software that is incapable of deleting anything without my control, even in such unpredictable circumstances. It is not unreal, it is just less probable.

If it is that much of an issue then by all means turn off the file management option in settings and only delete files from the computer used to maintain your server which will allow you to see all files in that directory. That is a function that for the majority of users meets their needs. If your needs are a little different then turning off this feature so you have complete control of deletions is probably going to be best.

If you can’t wait for the scan to complete before you delete the file then how is Infuse supposed to be able to determine if the folder is truly empty?

This was totally predictable and irrelevant response after your first one.

It is obvious that I am reporting bug here and not complaining about something you pretentiously proposed is not meeting my specific needs. The bug is actually there no matter what you think or why other users are ignoring it. As paying customer I feel I have a right to criticize the feature that was already part of the product at the time of purchasing and it was damaging for my data because the specific circumstances in which it happened were overlooked by the developers. So it happens. But when it happens and user reports it, you as moderator could be at least aware of that it might be in developer’s best interest to fix it (to contrary of saying “then just don’t use it”), since you don’t know how to be constructive. The liberty I took to propose a solution I did is based on a fact that I think no feature available in any serious software should be “use at your own risk”, if something wrong happens it must be completely user’s responsibility.

I apologize if I offended you in any way. That was not my intention. My first response as to letting it finish a sync was purely a trouble shooting question so as to get an idea of what you are seeing. I can’t know everyone’s level of experience with the software and the more info the better.

If it makes my second response any more relevant, I don’t use the file management option myself just because I prefer to see exactly what is going away and I also have the option of going back and digging things out of the trash. I know many people use it to blast out what they have watched but I prefer to keep many videos for a second go so I don’t delete as much as many.

Again, I’m sorry if you felt I was being short or curt but without drowning in emojis I just try to keep it to the point as much as possible.

If you feel that it’s a bug or you have an idea of a way to keep the simplicity for the many that prefer the way it works and still offer a more fitting approach for you then by all means please submit a suggestion in the suggestion sub forum along with this thread as a bug report.

I will ask again though, if you do add an additional video to the folder or a second sub folder with a video or videos and let infuse complete a scan does it still delete the entire folder? Again, this is just to get an idea of what is going on since I am unable to see it first hand.

Here’s the thing: if I add another video in a single folder video and I delete it in Infuse from within library view it will delete both videos together with the folder but if I go to folder view and delete it from there will delete only the file I wanted. The difference is that when you browse the folders files gets immediately updated (of course if you at least re-enter the folder) but when browsing library view it doesn’t updates so quickly and you actually don’t have any indicator that updating for changing is going on or is finished (especially when it is large library with lots of files). So that is why my proposals were either make Infuse force scan single file folder once again when executing deletion or just forbid discard of folders.

(Apology accepted)

Okay, and a few more questions. First, I may have missed it but James had asked what type of connection you are using SMB, NFS, etc… and I didn’t see your response.

Second, you said that infuse deleted txt files along with the last video. Were those by chance downloaded subtitle files or were they not related to that video file? The reason I ask is if the files were named similar to the video like subtitle files or associated artwork files that would follow the logic Infuse uses to delete all related files of a video and folder if it was the last one. I think, but not 100% sure that was the reason James asked you to create a dummy txt file.

I am connected locally over SMB and the first time (when I wasn’t aware of the problem) there were files that were not named after deleted file or connected in any way (there were images, text files, executable files). These are all “Other” files I am talking about, with no metadata. I have metadata scraping turned off because I mostly use Infuse as a player for personal videos. When I tested to reproduce the problem I was using dummy files such as images and text.

We’re looking into a few options here, but what we will likely do is make the deletion process a 2-step affair (it probably should have been this way from the start). That is, you’ll get one prompt for the video, and if it’s the last video in the folder Infuse would prompt you again to see if you want to remove the folder.

Sounds good. That means that in second situation you could choose between deleting the file but keep the folder or deleting the file AND folder, correct?


You would get one prompt for the file, then if Infuse thinks the folder is empty you would get a second prompt asking if you want to remove the folder as well. Often times there may be residual files like artwork or subtitles that go along with a video, and are no longer needed once the video is removed. In these cases, deleting folders that are not 100% empty is still useful.