Deleting files

The forum search is a mess and unfriendly so please excuse if the topic has been discussed.

Still can’t find an option to delete files, which used to work fine on atv2.

Is the feature planned at all? Can’t understand why after a few updates it’s nowhere to be found. It is a hassle to use an other player or file manager just to delete a file.

Thanks for your reply Firecore.

It’s something we’re hoping to add in 4.1. :wink:

Great look forward to it. Have a nice weekend

Morning James
When you do add the feature could I request that you make it configurable; e.g. It can be disabled/password protected? I’ve standardised on Infuse for all my family’s devices (that’s a big compliment to your software BTW :)) but I can’t have my 5 year old (or my non-techie partner) accidentally deleting files from my NAS!


As a simple workaround (and a safety measure), can you set up a username that only has read access to the NAS and use that to connect?

Yes, most definitely!

There will be a toggle setting for this in the Infuse settings menu (disabled by default).

I’m using DLNA so wasn’t sure that was an option. It’s a good point though & I’ll look at that…thank you.

Thanks James…a password would be great too…little, curious 5 year old fingers know no fear! :smiley:

Just to clarify, deletions won’t be an option for UPnP/DLNA devices as these are inherently read-only streaming options.

PS - I have 3 under 6 myself, so I know the fear (or lack thereof). :wink:

Ah, of course DLNA is read-only…forgot that! Duh @ me.

I was thinking of changing to use SMB at some point though (to allow custom favorite & folder images) so will still look into the read-only user account also as an additional protection.