Deleting files in Media player

A TV show has 3 files: Show.mp4, Show.jpg (thumbnail) and Show.xml (for the description),  but when I want to delete it (hold center button and choose delete), do I have to manually delete all 3 separately, or can I set an option to delete them all at once?  Right now I delete the mp4 and then the .jpg shows up in the list, which is frustrating.  I want it to be simple and intuitive – i want all 3 gone when I delete the show.





Unfortunately there is no way around this at the moment.

A workaround would be to let Media Player download the artwork and metadata automatically (instead of adding your own). This would only require a single file to be deleted.

Media Player gets the thumbnail/description wrong for the BBC TV documentaries I watch.

Any script I can modify?  It is really annoying.


Could you provide an example filename you’re having trouble with?

Have you tried reloading/correcting metadata?



So I have to use my own xml and jpg, but they aren’t deleted when I delete the mp4

Unfortunately it looks like this is a rare case where TheTVDB has very little information on the series (

Is this the only series you’re having trouble with?

That link is for the movie In Cold Blood, a different thing.

Much BBC TV is not there, and it is what I watch. get_iplayer gets the .xml file and the .jpg thumbnail automatically. It is a task to have to delete 3 files to get rid of 1 programme.

examples … there are many more

Your Paintings*.mp4

Coming Here Soon*.mp4

The Elgin Marbles

London: A Tale of Two Cities with Dan Cruickshank

This is still a problem, and I’d like to add another annoyance that I’ve noticed:

A file like “The_Elgin_Marbles.b0078r2l.mp4” shows up as Series 0 episode 78.  The number is the pid which get_iplayer adds.

I have the directory set as “TV Shows” not Movies, and for many files I do want it to show the number for “s01e03” type shows, but not for the number embedded in the pid.  Using a tv show formatted .xml would clear this up, but it really needs to be deleted when the video file is deleted along with the .jpg thumbnail.