deleting and adding files mess with Metadata


I organize my TV show folder like that:

  • 1 folder by show
  • adding a file when a new episode is aired
  • deleting it when viewed

The Metadata system cannot handle this. Very quickly, it is not able to load the metadata of new files.
Moreover, these new file are considered as already watched.
I have to delete all metadata really often if I want something quite clean.

Do you have a solution for me ?

Thank you,

Hai Ben42000, I do this all the time. Make sure you have the right name structure. So the first folder could be for example Banshee. Then inside the folder make a folder season 1 and put your files in there. Make sure you name them Banshee S01E01.mkv and the second one Banshee S01E02.mkv The MKV part depends on the files you have off course, could also be .mp4 or m4v. Place a folder.jpg in the season 1 map to show the folder picture. After that open infuse on your AppleTV and browse to the map Banshee. Open it and wait for infuse to index the files. This will happen automatically. Then you will get your Season with the right episodes. That should do it. You can also refresh the season of the serie itself. Open the Banshee map and klick and hold on the first season and choose edit metadata. Follow the steps and choose the right show. This works for me. Did I mentioned, I don’t have to search again when i put a new episode in the folder. It gets indexed automatically. Good luck.

Thank you.
Renaming seems not to be a solution. The initial filename works fine with indexing.
Moreover, renaming each tor**** file is boring. I think the goal of Infuse is to make things easy.

So, I do not have issues when I only add files. No problem.
But it gets ugly when I delete files. After a short time, Infuse is not able anymore to index the new files.
Do you delete your watched files ?

No i don’t delete files unless the season is seen. :wink: And deleting a season never gave me any problem. But i’am only using Infuse for a few month now.

Filebot can rename entire Tv series in seconds .
Movies are the same and it’s free .

Maybe, but it is not the problem here.
Fetching data works fine with the raw filenames.
It stops working when you change too often the files in the folder.

For example I do not have any issue with my film folder, where the files remain.
But in the TV show case, it does not work when a start deleting watched files.

Everyone keeps its files ? No one deletes them like me ?

Always deleting episodes I’ve watched except for the last one.
Then I always know how far I’ve come by just looking at the server plus I have a stable environment in Infuse metadata.

Is it something like I had?

Exactly the same.

Also, I can try not to delete all the episodes.
But I think it is a bug.

Any admin to confirm ? :slight_smile:

Just fyi then, I had to delete all the metadata and reload everything again to get it to start working ‘normal’ again…so far so good. But was a pain to reload it all.

Also, I , like you, delete each episode after watching it.

In my case, I delete all metadata every 2 weeks.
It has never improved.

There was the same issue on aTV Flash Black. I am an old user. :slight_smile:
I am very surprised to see the same here.


As there is this unsatisfying bug, and I am a “watch and delete” user, I’m trying another way.
I put every TV show in one folder, with the raw name. Easy. :slight_smile:
Infuse seems to manage this well at the very start.
I will tell here in a few weeks if it works fine, when adding and deleting files.

Just started happening again today about after a week and a half since I reset all the metadata.

Btw, editing the metadata after it’s been added and selecting the correct show does fix it manually, but has to be done for every episode once it starts happening.

Same issue here, since aTV Flash Black.
Any admin reaction ? :slight_smile:

Not the biggest problem while playback is OK, but maybe not the hardest to solve.

It’s even worse now with the Library function…when this issue occurs now, within Library and you select to manually edit, all other seasons within a show are ‘lost’…you must go back to the favorites, rescan those there, and then go back to Library again to regroup…

Seems to me Library is really still beta at this point…I mean if there is only one set of metadata, how come the library is not updated when I go into a favorite, new shows are picked up there OK, but still I must rescan again in Library to pick them up again…makes no sense.

and before anyone states just rescan Library from the beginning, sometimes when you get a new show or movie, you would like to watch right away, and not wait the 20 mins for a rescan (which is approx. what is takes mine with ~4000 tv episodes and ~750 movies)…

I have the same problem too!
Every time I add a file to the Library, it all crashed.
I had already reported also with a video library, but I had no answer.

News about?