Deleted Videos but didn't get any space back

Problem still exists in 16.2.

After having to wipe and restore my ipad twice, I’m about to cancel my subscription and move onto a different app. It’s a great app, but not worth a monthly ipad restore.

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Any news on this?
Facing the exact same issue.


Does it work if you temporarily remove the iOS Files app?

On my end the issue has been resolved on iOS/iPadOS 16.2. I don’t know if it’s sheer luck, or if the issue has really been solved on Apple side, but if you haven’t upgraded to 16.2, I suggest that you do.

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I’ll try and let you know.

Thank you for your reply and a happy new year.
No, removing the files app wont work. Im already on 16.2. reboot, clear cache etc no effect.

I have upgraded and I still have the issue

Did some further investigation.
The issue is clearly caused by Infuse.

Furthermore iOS?!

I downloaded some episodes for a holiday trip 2 months ago.

Deleted them from Infuse/iPhone when I arrived back home.

Since then my iPhone didn’t release the memory. I thought it will happen automatically. So I looked yesterday again in the settings but nothing happened.

Starting over is absolutely no option.
What else can I do??

Well. Restoring an up-to-date encrypted iOS backup works fine. Settings within Infuse are still there. But it’ll fetch metadata again. Little price for freeing up 60gb (in my case).
Some system settings (eg FaceID) need to be re-set again.
Don’t forget to backup Signal Messenger before.

In the future I’ll use an usb stick for offline content.

Sometimes. Sometimes that doesn’t work, but reinstalling the files app makes it go away. Sometimes that doesn’t work either.

Im sorry, but I’m not willing to do a reset every time I want to change content in your app.

Unfortunately, this is a system bug which will need to be addressed by Apple.

It is affecting other apps as well.

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I’m on ipadOS 16.3.1 & latest version of Infuse 7.5, but still a prevalent and annoying issue.
Luckily, the simple fix in my case is to delete Files app.

The bug doesn’t seem to occur when the options Metadata “Fetching” & “Embedded” are turned OFF.

@james As developpers, I assume you guys have more direct ways of contacting Apple about this?

For basic users, Apple Support is useless, and so is the Apple Communities forum. They either put the entire blame on your app, or just tell us to do a System Restore.

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