Deleted items not removed from screen until backing out

Seems this issue has come back after the latest update. When I delete a file after watching, it remains on screen. The file is definitely deleted, because if you try and play it, you get an error. Go back to the home page, back into the show, the file is no longer there. Am I missing something or is this a bug? File Management is on. It was working before the last update.

Are you referring to this thread?

Also since there have been recent updates to both Infuse and the OSs it may help narrow down things if you give the version numbers of both


Infuse 7.6.2
ATV 4K IOS 17.1

I referred to that thread, but the issue is not exactly the same. If you are in a TV season, delete the file, the thumbnail and episode remains on screen. Go out of the season and back in, then only is it gone.

Just to cover all the bases, have you done a restart on the ATV since updating Infuse?

If this was working in 7.6.1 it may have gotten inadvertently changed in 7.6.2 but @james would have to check that.

I have, but will do a complete power off and see if that makes any difference. But yes, it was working in 7.6.1

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Notice the same issue after this update.
Been watching a series the last several days and delete each episode after watch.
App updated today, now it not refreshing to show next episode in Library. (was yesterday and before)
Watched but deleted episode also still show on the Home Screen of app Watching top bar.
Clicking the refresh button on the home screen of the app triggers the update.
Apple TV 4K 2022 tvos 17.1 (Library is using Plex connection)
diags submitted FS80N

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Thanks for verifying that. @Bucks_Fizz will be glad to know there are others with the same issue. :wink:

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Is there any update on this issue?

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I’ve had this problem since day 1, but always forgotten about it.

When I watch an individual episode and want to delete it, I have “file management” switched on, so I use the ‘bin’ icon to delete the file.

As you’d expect, Infuse asks if I want to delete the video/video & related files. I tap “video & all related files”, and the app shows that it deletes the file.

If I use another device to check, I can see that the deletion has worked.

But the file remains on display in the “episode view” screen. If I select “delete” again, it will (correctly) give me an error message.

It’s only in that view - the view doesn’t refresh. If I delete the file then back out to the main library view, the file is gone.

But for as long as I remain in the episode/season view, the file displays as if it’s there.

I’m not very good at explaining this stuff, so I took a video. I couldn’t get any of the instructions for recording an Apple TV screen, so I held up my phone, zoomed in.

I hope it helps!

sorry about the extreme cropping and low quality - in 2023, infuse’s support forums only allow a max 8mb file upload.

Yeah I’ve had this issue since v7.6.2 and sent in details Diagnostics: CPJCR

For me it’s happening both with the Apple TV and removing files from my NAS server…and also on my iPad with files on that. As I said when submitting my ticket, it’s like Infuse isn’t doing a refresh to remove the delete file from the view.

7.6.3 hasn’t resolved it for me, not that it was listed as a fix.

This should be resolved in today’s 7.6.4 update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.


Yup. All good now. Thanks!

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