Deleted Hard Drive Folder??

So here’s my tale of woe… after updating my aTV Flash software, I was playing around in the “Places” folder, and ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY HARD DRIVE FOLDER. I thought I was only deleting a shortcut, but as attempted to navigate to one of my movies, I got the message “This folder is empty or has no files with supported suffixes”. Well, I had about 450 gigs of stuff on there, so I didn’t think it was possible to delete it in such a short time. I then plugged the HD into my laptop, which says it has 499.68 Gigs free (it’s a 500 gig HD) so I assume everything is gone.

Is there ANY way to get my stuff back? some hidden folder somewhere?

thanks in advance.

Unfortunately it sounds like your files were in fact deleted. You may be able to recover the files using a 3rd party software program such as Stellar Phoenix. More info here: