Deleted files remain in episode view (despite successful deletion)

I’ve had this problem since day 1, but always forgotten about it.

When I watch an individual episode and want to delete it, I have “file management” switched on, so I use the ‘bin’ icon to delete the file.

As you’d expect, Infuse asks if I want to delete the video/video & related files. I tap “video & all related files”, and the app shows that it deletes the file.

If I use another device to check, I can see that the deletion has worked.

But the file remains on display in the “episode view” screen. If I select “delete” again, it will (correctly) give me an error message.

It’s only in that view - the view doesn’t refresh. If I delete the file then back out to the main library view, the file is gone.

But for as long as I remain in the episode/season view, the file displays as if it’s there.

I’m not very good at explaining this stuff, so I took a video. I couldn’t get any of the instructions for recording an Apple TV screen, so I held up my phone, zoomed in.

I hope it helps!

sorry about the extreme cropping and low quality - in 2023, infuse’s support forums only allow a max 8mb file upload.

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