Deleted files from NAS are showing

Deleted files on my NAS (DNS-323) show up during the scan for media. These are files that were deleted recently and long ago. How do I get them to not show as available files during the media scan?

Obviously, when clicked to play, an error is returned because the file is not actually there/playable.

Same here. It even shows the “old” filename of the file that isn’t there anymore. Can’t find a way to delete it from Infuse manually unfortunately.

Try and reset the metadata on the setting menu. This will cause a rescan and reset all the meta data. This worked form me.

Will it automatically scan everything? Or by entering each folder again?

Same for me. Im running a Synology NAS and all previously deleted video files are showing up.
Ive emptied the recycle bins on the NAZ and that shows as being empty.
Infuse on the AppleTv4 somehow still manages to see the files.
Any views if there is a resolve to this problem?

I’ve created a support ticket but have not received a resolution yet. Will update here with any news.

For me it took quite a while until new files that were added to a folder on the NAS were shown.

I wonder how the mechanism for scanning the folders look like?
Is there a refresh each time I access a folder? Or after a certain time?

My problem existed because I accessed my nas with DLNA. My media software probably didn’t notice the files were missing.
Accessing my nas with SMB (slower but still ok), the problem ceased to exist. Hope this helps others as well.