Deleted Favorites Always Return

I am on latest version of Infuse (auto-update) and use it on various ATV, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc (all on latest versions) and behavior is the same.

Since infuse still ignores Trailer Park Boys and won’t index the show because of the first word being Trailer, my workaround was to make favorites for each season, linked directly to each season directory on my NAS. They show up on the main page in Infuse and everything works great.

At some point, I did not need the favorites any more and removed them, just for them to come back few days later. I tried hiding and removing them, with outcome being the same. I’ve also tried removing them from different devices as well as deleting all metadata and refreshing but that did not work long term. As always they come back after a day or two.

This has been an issue for quite some time, as I’ve found an old thread:

Any ideas?

Can you check to ensure you are using the latest (7.4.1) version of Infuse on all devices, and that they all have had a chance to run their library updates?

Once this is done, you can delete the favorite on one of the devices and it should stay removed from iCloud and all devices.

Yes, all devices are on the latest Infuse version - 7.4.1.
As I was reading your reply all favorites returned again and I got all the devices in front of me, ran library updates on all, removed favorites from one device and then waited for update to propagate to other devices, which it did.

This is the same thing I’ve been doing, like I mention, for about a year. I will report back whether it worked this time or not. Thanks for the reply.

So this is still a problem. Favorites were gone since my last post and just now I turned on one of my Apple TV’s and library was gone but favorites were back before library was done refreshing and stayed after the refresh.

Is there a way to completely wipe out all traces of library locally and in iCloud, so I can start fresh?

Turn off iCloud Sync, delete the share in Infuse, erase Infuse’s metadata, and then remove Infuse’s content from your iCloud control panel.

Rebuild your library, enable Infuse App in iCloud settings, and turn iCloud Sync back on in the app.

How do you delete it in iCloud? There is nothing there.

This may help