Delete (watched) files

Hi Guys,

There are any plans to have the possibility to delete (watched) files in the media player.

I have a lot of TV shows which I just like to watch once and then delete it.


I second that request. being able to select/delete a file [watched or not] would be an awesome enhancement.

i third it :slight_smile:

I’d like this feature as well.  I’m pretty sure the ATV 1st gen had this feature (not sure if it was in sapphire tho).

I came here to add this feature request and found this thread. I’m happy to see I’m not the only one that wants this!


deleting things is essential.

for me if i would delete a file on my NAS, that wouldnt be possible, because i log in with a r/o-user, but i’d really like to can, if i want to.

if i wanted to, i would add a AFP connection with a user who can r/w and a SMB connection with a user who has r/o only.


I’d really love this, too. It messes up Media Player’s seamlessness when I have to go to my computer to delete things from my AFP share.

Coming soon. :)