Delete TV shows from aTV Flash itself?

Can I use aTV Flash to delete files I no longer want, using my Apple remote?

Also, can this be done automatically for some shows? For example, could I tell it to delete The Daily Show every time an episode was marked as watched?

delete is a good suggested new feature, but it is not there yet.

Yes, remote files can be deleted from the AppleTV. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Enable the 'File Management' option found in the Media --> Settings --> General menu.
  2. Highlight the file to be deleted, hold the center (select) button and choose the 'Delete' option.

Wow, cool, thanks! :slight_smile:

nice to know that.  when you start piling up those old watched TV episodes, you surely want to delete them.


I cant do that. When i press delete i get a error message.

What to do?

Have you enabled deleting from the Media Player settings? If you have and it still fails you might want to check the permissions on your shares to see if they allow users to delete files.

Did all the above but still gets the acces denied message.

Are you using a username and password to connect from the Apple TV? If not, you’re likely connected as a ‘guest’ and will not be able to delete files from the Apple TV.

Ok. Now it works. Thank you!