Delete screen - how to disable the extra prompt

How does one disable the extra screen that comes up asking to delete either “Video and Related Files” or “Video Files Only”? This is when you have a video open and have the play and mark as watched buttons screen, and click the Trash can icon.
I just want it to delete the file and not have to do this extra step. I only have the one video file I just played no other files so this extra screen is not necessary.

I just got the new 3rd gen Apple TV 4K setup and had to re-setup Infuse and its settings and I can’t seem to find what setting it is that manages this. My old Apple TV did not have this extra Delete screen come up. (well, it did start coming up at some point, but then stopped. has not shown it months.)

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There is not a setting to adjust this. However, it will depend on how you have things organized, and if there are actually ‘extras’ to delete.

If you just have a single video file with nothing else you won’t see this prompt.

There is no other non video files. Just individual video files in a folder.
This prompt still appears.
This is via a single folder via SMB.
I use it to drop random YT vids or whatever vids i download and want to watch on the apple tv via infuse.
Nothing has changed in the structure or organization of the “shares” linked to Infuse.
The only thing changed is that the app got installed fresh on new device.

If it’s the last video in this folder then you may see the prompt.

If there are other videos remaining then most likely the prompt will not appear.

It appears always for me. Reguardless of last video or multiple videos in folder. Would be nice if this prompt could be made a settings option user could set that action instead of asking every time.

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it seems to be always showing this option for direct shares, SMB, from my Windows box.
I also have Plex on that same box, with that Plex connection set as a share in Infuse.
This extra prompt does not appear when i delete files from a Plex connection share.
I have checked the folder on the SMB share that is direct connect to Infuse for hidden or system files in them, there are none. So i am not sure why Infuse is always showing this extra dialog just for them.

I think LOTS of users will only want an “Enable unattended delete”, no prompts delete all when asked. Current behaviour is too sensitive to the level of being very annoying to be used. Are you sure, really sure, really-really sure…

And yep, I doubt anyone wants to delete stuff without extras… let’s be serious.

Unless they downloaded multiple copies of a title (or upgraded the title) and want to delete the lesser quality one but keep the extras?

Me, I never want Infuse to delete anything. So if any changes are made I certainly don’t want them made in the direction of making accidental deletions easier.

If you don’t delete anything then turn off file management and then you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting anything.

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I have. But I’m still paranoid. :face_with_peeking_eye:

And you are not alone my friend! LOL :scream:

I even gave read only privs on my server to my Infuse clients.

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I did, too … but I’m always afraid I managed to stuff that up.