Delete playlists folder(empty) using Plex server

Hello guys,

I hope everyone is doing well, I want to select my zEx PC from Infuse and just have the list, once I get there I got this, could I delete the Playlist folder no using it and just go straight to videos?

You can add any of these folders as a Favorite.

Doing this will display this folder direct on the home screen, and allow you browse without having to click through a bunch of extra folders.

Hello James,

I am sorry I am a bit new at this software, I do appreciate your response over the weekend, I’ve done this but I love to go in the app and see just the grid list moves by name/number top to bottom, I surely did not do settings correct, please guide a noob.

It looks like the ‘test’ item has been pinned to the Home Screen.

To remove this, select the list icon from the top right corner of the Home Screen. There you can add, remove, and reorder any of the items you see there.

Hello Sir,

Thanks again for your reply, I to go in the app and just have the list like so, with you view it as view all.

The list management area is accessed through the Home Screen by clicking this icon.

Hi James,

Maybe this will explain better.

Thanks for that.

Lists of content added to the Home Screen are always going to include pictures. There is currently no way to disable this and just show a list of files.

However, what you can do is add items as a Favorite (instead of a list). Doing this would show you a single rectangle icon on the Home Screen, and clicking this would display a list of your files.

To do this, remove any pinned items from the Home Screen, and re-add them as a favorite. To add a favorite, browse the Plex server and long-press on a folder or playlist name.

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Thanks for that, I do not see a way to have an option on Apple TV to check all on a list instead of adding one by one.

You could add a single favorite for the main Playlists item, and clicking that would show you the lists of playlists…allowing you browse from there.

I agree but do to add every video to that playlist I need to add it manually or it`s another way to put it all at the same time?

Do you have existing playlists you want to view in Infuse?

If these playlists don’t yet exist you can use Infuse to create the lists and add files to them.

Alternatively, you can do this through the Plex web ui.