Delete on ATV

How do I delete a watched file on my ATV? I have tried following the directions, but it does not seem to work. I am using a Synology 218+.

Have you verified that the user profile has read/write access to the Synology or Read Only?

Yes – I can delete files through ds file manager from my ATV

I mean the user ID and password that you have signed in with Infuse to the synology. Are they the same user ID and password for both Infuse and DS File manager?

Yes – same accounts on my atv and ipad

So are you using your Synology “admin” ID and password for Infuse?

Yes - I created a admin account with another name because synology gives me a warning about using “admin”. This account has full read/write privileges. I am running dsm 7.0 but I have had this problem for a long time.

What happens when you do try and delete a file from Infuse? Do you get any messages or does nothing show after you click delete?

Nothing shows

I just turned file management on my iPad and now I have the option to delete on my atv.

Amazing - too many devices.



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