Delete not working

Delete no longer works with latest version. Click and nothing happens. ATV4K connected to Plex. Anyone else have this issue?

Yes, same here. Latest version, ATV4k connected to Plex.

Same issue for me. No plex. Connected to MyCloud

Good, not just me. Hopefully someone from Firecore will jump in and provide a date for the fix.

Created a ticket with support. Waiting to hear back.

Tvos just updated to 6.2.2. Delete still not working. Hoping for fix soon

Something odd I discovered yesterday. I can delete some content. I cannot find the difference between the two. Both are in the same directory on my NAS. Both have been there for a long time.

I can delete folders (long press, delete) but not individual files within folder

hello, same problem. I can erase folder but I can not erase file in my tv show section

Its working for me on 32GB 4K ATV and normal 32GB ATV.Have you set FILE MANAGEMENT to ON in Infuse settings?


Hi. File management is on. It looks like i can delete files that were added before the update to 6.2.1. But not later files. Also strange is i can delete mkv files encoded at 360 but not 720 or higher. But i can’t remember if the 360 files were added before the update

Did a test. Cannot delete any files encoded at 720p. Files encoded at 360p delete fine. Movies at 1080p also delete. So appears only tv shows at 720. Too weird.

Oh and this includes files added before the update

We’re looking into this.

Thanks for your patience.

Quick update.

We’ve tracked down and resolved this issue, and will have the fix available in the next update.

FWIW, the issue only appears for TV series with a single season.

James, thanks for the update. Great support. ETA on the update?

Thanks James for the Great support .

We’ve got a few other things we’re rolling in, so 6.2.3 should be out within the next week or two.

Hi James,
Any word on the update yet? Between not being able to delete individual files and tvdb totally messing my library up, i am hoping for some good news.

We’re hoping to have this available next week. Thanks.

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This has been resolved in today’s 6.2.3 update.

Thanks for your patience.