Delete Movie v. TV Show

I have two folders - one dedicated to movies, the other dedicated to TV Shows.

The movies folder has a combination of movies within and out of folders. The TV Shows folder simply has all episodes in individual folders with the proper naming. Infuse does its job by sorting all the shows by the show name and season.

My problem: When I delete a movie, whether it is in a folder or not, everything is removed. No trace is left. This is not the case when I delete TV Show episodes. The episode folder stays behind with the file inside removed. This wasn’t an issue prior to the dark mode update (don’t remember the version).

What am I doing wrong? Am I overlooking something? It’s unusual that the folder delete works for movies but not TV Shows.

Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

This is more or less done by design, but we will likely add a way to delete folders in an upcoming version.

Thank you for the info James. Keep up the excellent work!