Delete file on the server from the Apple TV


I’m using infuse 5 pro with an Apple TV 4th gen to play video from my computer (both connected on my router by Ethernet cables)
Everything is working fine so far !
I only have trouble to delete files on my computer from my Apple TV
Is there any option inside infuse to delete files from the server ? I can’t find any

If you want to do this you have to enable File Management in the inFuse Settings. By default this is off to avoid the chance of accidental deletions.

Problem is that I didn’t find this in the setting menu of infuse on my Apple TV

There its is:

Found it now !
Thx for the screenshot !!!

Was not able to find it because my infuse is set into French language and I was expecting an other translation !

Thx for the support this issue is fixed

Je suis aussi Français mais mon Apple TV est réglée en anglais :slight_smile:

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