Delete Causes Freeze

When finishing watching every video, whether the video is a x264 or x265, and it is close to the end, hitting Pause and then selecting Delete from the menu results in a freeze that requires a quit & restart of Infuse. After restarting Infuse, hitting delete for the video now demonstrates the expected behaviour.

This is present on 6.5.4 as well as the previous version on iOS14.

If this happens again, can you tap the ‘Email Us’ option found at the bottom of Infuse > Settings and post the 5 digit code it gives you here?

Yes once I finish watching my next show I will do that. So far it is happening with every video so far since iOS14.

The code is NJGME. I tried it on one video near the beginning, pause it, select delete and it did delete it. But this time after watching a show and maybe there is 1-2mins left, pause, select delete, and it is frozen. So it only seems to freeze after watching the entire video.

Sorry for the delay here.

We added a fix aimed at resolving a similar issue in one of the recent updates.

Can you give things a try in the current 6.6.1 release and see if this issue is still present?